Expand your living space and increase the value of your home


Adding a cottage dormer loft conversion to your property opens up your roof and is a great way to make the most of your loft space.

Cottage dormers can have a pitched roof and can be designed to fit all house styles and existing brick or stone exteriors. They allow you to have large windows or even French doors installed allowing lots of natural light to flood in.

Thanks to the large windows and additional head height created by a cottage dormer, your loft conversion will have plenty of space to add extra bedrooms, a home office, playrooms or even a bathroom. The majority of cottage dormer lofts are built on the back of the property, so no need to apply for planning permission.



A dormer loft conversion is a structural extension which projects vertically from the plane of a sloping roof.

Where space would be limited, a dormer extension creates ample space thanks to the additional headroom. Dormer loft conversions offer a greater amount of additional floor space than other types of loft conversion.

The most popular type of dormer conversion is a simple flat roof dormer. Adding a flat roof dormer is a very popular choice for a lot of properties and ensures the maximum floor space is created. If you need extra space for an office, another bedroom or any other use, in your property a dormer loft conversion could be the perfect answer. Contact us today to see if you're property is suitable for this type fo conversion.



If your attic space is limited by a hip-ended roofline, then a hip to gable loft conversion is the perfect answer.

By changing the sloping or 'hipped' roof to create a vertical gable end you will utilise the loft significantly with more usable floor space. if you require an even larger room then a rear dormer can be added to increase the floor space even more.

We will macth the new exteriror brickwork or block work to match your existing property and create an attractive finish. With the additonal windows and additional head height created by a hip to gable loft conversion you will have plenty of room to create those extra bedrooms, a home office or bathroom.



Velux loft conversions are also known as roof light conversions.

A velux loft conversion is a loft conversion that does not involve any roof extensions or dormers to the property. It is more suitable to those seeking a smaller conversion or those properties where a dormer is not necessary due to sufficient head room height.

An installation of Velux Windows is a fantastic way to make your loft feel spacious by allowing natuaral light to fill the space. The windows in a Velux loft conversion fit flush to the roof profile so do not drastically alter the external appearance of the property. This type of loft conversion is also very cost effective as planning permission is rarely required.